CPA Goal

What is CPA?

CPA means “Cost Per Acquisition”. It is a metric calculation used to measure the actual cost per install/Conversion compared to your investment goals.

The calculation is : Campaign spent/Conversion = CPA 

Why is it useful?

The CPA goal enable us to optimize your campaign towards it.

It is also used to analyze your ROI in our reports. 

How to use CPA goal feature?

Define your ROI goal

Insert the CPA goal under the bid and budget section in the campaigns settings.

In the following screenshot the CPA goal is $2.

Once you insert the CPA goal value, the optimization will be enabled by default.


How to set a bid according to you CPA goal

CPA goal represent the amount you are willing to pay for 1 conversion/install.

For each campaign you can expect a certain CR% (conversion rate) based on the targeting, type of offer, country etc. When setting the CPA goal, you need to take in consideration the bid you have set and the expected CR%. 

Here is a simple way to estimate the CPA goal:

Bid / Expected CR%= CPA


Bid is $0.02, expected CR 1%, CPA goal should be $2.

 Keep in mind that the bid should be competitive, and if you increase the bid, you should increase the CPA Goal respectively.


Bid is increased to 0.05, expected CR is 1%, the new CPA goal should be $5.

Enable StartApp optimization towards the CPA goal

By enabling this option, we will optimize the campaign to meet the CPA goal.

You are required to implement StartApp postback for enabling the CPA Goal optimization, learn more about how to implement our postback here .

If you don't enable this option you will still be able to see the CPA goal in the reports and analyze, however, we will not take it into consideration in our optimization process.



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