How to Target an App ID in 5 Easy Steps



Each month, we send a list of top performing apps in our monthly newsletter.  How can you take advantage of this list and target your campaigns to get the best users?  Follow the five steps below

  1. Copy the App ID from the Newsletter

In the publisher showcase section, you can find the app ID listed.

  1. Choose a campaign you would like target with App ID

Duplicate a previous campaign that exists in the “My Campaigns” section or create a brand new campaign just for this app.

  1. Go to Step 3: Targeting

After clicking on step 3, navigate directly to the Optimizations tab.  This is where you will enter the app ID.

  1. Optimize by App ID

Check the box next to optimize by app id.  A text box will appear.  Above the box click on the white list option.  

  1. Type the App ID and click Publish

In the box, type the app id of your choice.  If targeting multiple apps, be sure to only put one app id per line.  Once you’ve finished updating the rest of your campaign, click publish to send it for approval!

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