These Terms and Conditions ("T&C") regulate StartApp's Easter Promotion ("Promotion") which is valid and in effect as of April 3, 2017 ("Start date") and until April 30, 2017 Eastern Standard Time ("End date"). Revenues (as defined below) received after the End Date shall not be counted for any purpose under this Promotion.

  1. Qualifications
    1. The Promotion is open to owners of publisher accounts on the StartApp advertising platform who have received an email from StartApp with the announcement of the Promotion (the "Email").
    2. Participants must be over the age of legal capacity that applies in the jurisdiction in which they reside and in any event at least 18.
    3. The participating account must actively sign up for the Promotion from the Promotion sign up page and consent to these T&C of the Promotion.
    4. Valid and live URLs must be provided in the apps and sites section of the portal.
    5. Participant must fill out valid, email, payment details and mobile phone number.
    6. Participant agrees to the use by StartApp of participant's contact information and details in order to deliver marketing and other advertising material.
  2. Promotion Details
    1. On the End Date, StartApp shall calculate the total revenues received by the participant from his account with StartApp since the Start Date ("Revenues") and use such calculation in determining the reward. The maximun reward given will be $150 per account.
    2. Participants cannot earn rewards on multiple accounts.
    3. All data for the purpose of calculating the Revenues shall be based solely on StartApp’s reporting system, which data shall be conclusive for such purpose.
  3. Participant's entitlement to a reward with regard to the Revenues shall be per the terms described in the Email.
  4. Taxes
    1. StartApp is not responsible for taxes or other obligatory payments to any governmental authority related to any reward, which shall be the sole responsibility of the participant.
    2. If under any law or regulation, tax is required to be withheld at source in connection with the delivery of any reward to participant under the Promotion, StartApp may withhold said tax at source. StartApp may set-off the amount so withheld from any payment due to participant under the Promotion or otherwise.
  5. General Terms
    1. Participation in the Promotion is subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the Email.
    2. Participation in the Promotion subject to the terms, conditions and regulations of StartApp StartApp reserves the right to modify, add or delete these T&C at any time with or without notice, though StartApp will attempt to provide reasonable notice in all instances as appropriate.
    3. These T&C are a supplement and do not replace the terms and conditions of StartApp's terms and conditions and/or any license agreement between the parties.
    4. In case of fraudulent activity (which shall be determined by StartApp's sole discretion, without the need to provide any notice to participant), StartApp reserves the right to: (i) withhold the reward; and/or (ii) demand return of the reward or repayment of its value; and/or (iii) withhold the reward's value from any amounts due to the participant from StartApp, whether under the Promotion or otherwise. StartApp further reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion and these T&C without notice.
    5. Any rewards, bonuses, prizes or perks are not transferable.
    6. Participant hereby agrees to the use of success stories from this Promotion that will be featured in StartApp’s marketing literature including StartApp website, social media, and sales collateral, without any payment or further permission.
    7. Other than the delivery of the reward in accordance with these T&C and except as required by mandatory applicable law, StartApp shall have no liabilities or responsibilities under the Promotion. Specifically, StartApp shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss occurred to the participant in connection with the Promotion.
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