StartApp's Campaign Planner- Inventory Breakdown

The campaign planner allows you to understand the full picture of StartApp's worldwide traffic. On the campaign planner you'll be able to see each Geo's Traffic level, average and ain CPC rates, top app category, carrier breakdown and much more. The campaign planner is located on the left side of your screen:

Choose a country

Choose any country off the globe! You can hover with your mouse over the globe and click the country, or search the specific country in our side bar. The default countries in the list are our top 10 Geos. Once you've chosen the relevant country, the globe will zoom into your choice and show you a quick view for the selected country:

If you want to know more- just click "See more" botton.

Breakdown the Traffic

Traffic level

Each country impression level is on a scale of 1-10. 1 is the highest level (impression range) and 10 the lowest (impression range). 

CPC Avg big

The CPC average bid indicated the current average competitive bid. Keep in mind that the competition is changing in according to our dynamic traffic and according to the campaign's targeting. 

CPC min bid

The CPC min bid is the minimum CPC bid you need to set in your campaign. Please note that while you'll create your campaigns, the Min CPC could change between the different Ad Types, allowing you to set a lower bid that the main one for the targeted country.

See More

 If you click on see more, you'll have a full breakdown of the different traffic layers. Each hold a different insight for our traffic.

App category 

It shoes the top publisher categories for the selected country. You can also drill down per operating system (android or iOS). 


You can see the top carrier providers for the selected country. For mobile web campaigns this will help you understand the potential volume for your carrier targeted campaigns.

 Connection Type

The selected country's traffic breakdown by Connection type (WiFi/Cellular) by percentage:


You can see the available traffic for device manufactures (separated between iOS/Android):

Ad Type

You can selected country's breakdown by Ad types. Ad types are our placements groups allowing you to understand an additional traffic layer. Read more about targeting accordingly here. 


It is now time to build your campaigns. How to do it here






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