How to Improve Your Performance

Publishers constantly struggle with raising their eCPM and keeping it high.  eCPM (effective Cost per Mille) is used to measure ad performance by comparing the amount of impressions to the amount of revenue earned.   eCPM goes up and down constantly.  Publishers use eCPM to determine if they’re making enough money in accordance to the number of ads presented in their app. 

Here are our top 5 steps to increasing your eCPM:

  1. Add full page ad units like the return and splash ads

From our experience, our exclusive units, the splash and return ad, generate the best CTR & eCPM. 

A Splash Ad is a full-page ad that is displayed immediately after the application is launched. A Splash Ad first displays a full page splash (loading screen) followed by a full page ad.  The Return ad displays a full page ad unit when a user returns to your application after a certain period of time. Easily increase eCPM by adding these two ad units to your app.

  1. Recruit new DAUs from different countries by running your own ad campaign

Not all countries are created equal.  There are tier 1, 2 and 3 countries and advertisers pay different rates for users from these countries.  Tier 1 countries are the United States and Western Europe.  Use the maps in your analytics to determine where exactly your users are located.  If you find your users are not in the US or Europe, you can run a campaign for tier 1 countries.  You can create a campaign by clicking the advertiser button in your account.  Click here to learn how to create your first campaign.

  1. Increase your CTR by changing ad types

CTR, the click through rate, shows the percentage of users that click on an impression.  If the CTR is higher, there is a higher probability that a user will convert. Publishers tend to prefer banners because they take less attention away from the user.  However Banner ads usually have a lower CTR and eCPMs because they are easy to ignore.  Typically full page placements like the interstitial, splash, and return ads are likely to have higher CTR, since they take up the whole screen. 

In Custom Reports, you can generate a report by ad type and check your ads CTR to see which ad types perform better and optimize your ad placements accordingly.By simply replacing lower performing ad types with those that generate higher CTR, it can increase overall CTR and eventually the eCPM.

  1. Change location of ads within the app

It’s possible that an ad is not in the right spot to reach its maximum potential.  Depending on how your users use your app, ads could be on pages that users don’t visit very often.

If your app is used on a daily basis by your users, they remember and expect the ads, lowering their effectiveness.  If the ads change locations, then users will not expect them and their effectiveness goes up.  Use your app analytics to determine which pages have more traffic in your apps and place ads accordingly and constantly change their placement.  Be careful not to place them intrusively by blocking buttons or other essential actions.  This violates the play store and app store policy. Also, be sure not to overload your app with ads as this subtracts from the user experience.

  1. Make sure that you have the updated version SDK

Our SDKs are updated constantly and always include new optimization features that are designed to improve app performance.  If you feel that your earnings have decreased, check and make sure that you have the latest SDK version available.

These five simple steps can help you to improve your eCPM.  If you have any questions or need additional help, please feel free to reach out to Support for any help.  

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