Tracking Macros

We offer tracking macros that will help you optimize your activity on our traffic and get as much information as possible about your campaigns.

Available Macros

startapp_app_id – get the App ID of the publishing app from which every click came.

startapp_pub_id – get the Publisher ID of the publishing app from which every click came.

startapp_creative_name – get the creative name as you inserted it on our portal.

startapp_creative_size - get the size of the creatives you used in your campaign

startapp_creative_id- get the creative id of creative presented.

startapp_campaign_id – get the campaign ID that was automatically assigned to your campaign on our portal.

startapp_adtype - get the ad type from where your campaign got impressions clicks and conversions

startapp_advertising_id- get the Google Advertising ID of the user who clicked your ad.

startapp_isp_name- get the ISP name of the user who clicked your ad.

startapp_device_type- get the device type (mobile or tablet) of the user.

startapp_os_version- get the operating system version of the user's device

startapp_connection_type- get the connection type (wifi or 3G) of the user.

startapp_publisher_category- get the Category of the app your ad was presented in from Google Play/iTunes

startapp_country- get the Country of the user who clicked your ad

startapp_device_model- Get the device model of your users' device

startapp_device_brand- Get the device brand of your users' device

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