Optimization by Application ID and Publisher ID

To keep your campaign focused on the right traffic you need to optimize as soon as possible!  It doesn’t take much data to begin optimizing properly. After one day, you should have enough data to review. Blacklist and Whitelist optimizations are essential to make sure you are getting the best traffic for your campaigns! 

You can collect the App ID or Publisher ID of all clicks by using our App ID macro – startapp_app_id or our Publisher ID macro- startapp_pub_id in your tracking URL.

For more information about our macros click here.

What is the difference between the App ID and Publisher ID?

Since we work with direct publishers and each publisher can have many apps, it can be worthwhile to see which publisher is sending you worthwhile traffic. Each publisher id provides more data than each app id, giving you a higher level of optimization. By offering both publisher and app id optimization, we provide two layers of optimization that work hand in hand.  

For Example, Publisher 12345678 has 5 different apps running on our platform. By using his publisher ID on the black or white list, you are excluding or including all of his app ids at once. This is a quicker way to optimize.

Using our App ID macro will help you determine which apps are performing well for your campaigns and which are not.
Our Dev ID macro can also help you determine which publishers are performing well for your campaigns and which are not. 

How to use the black/white List

By using our "Optimization by App ID / Publisher ID" feature you can optimize your campaign by blocking specific App IDs or Dev IDs from your campaign or choosing specific App IDs or Dev IDs for your campaign.

When enabling this option on your campaign targeting, you can choose to create either a black or white list.

Black List targeting

Blocking specific App IDs/ Dev IDs from your campaign that you don’t want your ads to be displayed on.

White List targeting

Choosing specific App IDs for your campaign that you would like your ads to be displayed on.  

If the App ID whitelist is activated, the blacklist for Dev IDs is automatically disabled and will only target campaigns according to the apps listed on the whitelist.

When inserting the App IDs / Dev IDs (black or white list) please make sure to insert one ID per line.

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