Ad Units

Your ad can be presented on any of our high performing ad units.

Below you'll find the units, and its relevant creative sizes.


Available sizes are 320x50, 300x50, 728x90, 300x50, 468x60, 480x32


Our mobile search page has a 300x250 banner:




These full page interstitial ads appear in natural breaks in the application.

Available sizes are 320x480, 480x320, 768x1024.



Enriched Ads

We have a number of placements which can use your enriched ad creative.

Available sizes are 160x160, 175x175, 300x300, 1200x628.

Enriched ads are available for both Mobile Web and App campaigns, and can be presented in different ways:

Offer Wall

Our OfferWalls appear both in app and in mobile web pages.  Each ad in the OfferWall is linked to the corresponding application store.

Our in-app OfferWall can be displayed in a 3D format or a standard OfferWall format. 



In App BannerArticle_4_-_SC_2.jpg


Full Page Ad



You may also choose a 1200x628 image

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