Analytics Overview

The Analytics tab is where you can view and track the performance of your apps and sites. The Analytics tab is broken down into two sections: Analytics Snapshot and Drill Down View. The Analytics Snapshot gives you an overview of all of your statistics, and you can click on the Drill Down View to view statistics in more detail.

You are able to apply the following filter(s) to your Analytics view:

Filter by: Apps

Click on 'Apps' in the Filter By menu, and then select the apps you wish to filter by from the drop-down menu. You can narrow your search by Android apps, iOS apps, web apps, active apps, or archived apps. You can also search for specific apps by typing in the search box.

Filter by: Countries

Click on 'Countries' in the Filter By menu, and then select the country/countries you wish to filter. Type the name of the country you are looking for and click to add it to the search criteria.

Filter by: Ad Type

In the Filter By menu, click on 'Ad Type'. Then select the ad types you wish to filter.

Filter by: Date

On the left of the 'Filter By' menu, you will see Last 7 Days, with the date range of the past week. This is the default filter.

Click on the date to change the date range to the following: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days (default), Last 30 Days, This Month, Previous Month, and Custom. 

These filters can be changed at any time.

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