Editing an Existing App

In order to edit an existing app:

Go to my apps

click on My Apps located on the left-hand menu:

Select an app

Move your mouse to hover over the application you wish to edit. The application will be highlighted in gray, and a small menu will appear on the right-hand side. Click on the pen icon to edit your application.


You are now able to edit the App Name, App URL, Category and App Maturity

If your app is published on Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store, you will be able to edit your App URL and App Name while the remaining App Details will be changed automatically according to the new App URL.

Save changes

After you have completed all the changes, click the checkmark icon on the right-hand side to update the changes. If you wish to cancel your edit, click the X icon.

 If your changes have been saved successfully, you will see the following message:





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