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Add the following View inside your Activity layout XML:


NOTE: This code places a View inside your Activity. You also have the option to add additional attributes for placing it in the desired location in your Activity.

For adding a specific type of banner or adding a banner programmatically, please refer to theAdvanced Usage.


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    Awesome Developers

    there is no app id or developer id, then how do you get that this ad belongs to which app?

  • Avatar
    Vijay Kumar

    Our app works in sensorLandscape mode is there any way to set bannar size programmatically, because default banner size is very big. Please help

  • Avatar
    Yana Guminskaya
    I agree with Vijay. Size is very big for landscape orientation
  • Avatar
    abhay jaiswal

    After signed the apk banner or any add not show why ??