Step 5 - Adding a Custom Event

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  1. Login into your AdMob account
  2. Navigate to "Monetize" tab and choose your application
  3. Find your "Ad Unit" and then click "Edit Mediation"
  4. Choose "New Ad Network"
  5. Click "Custom event", and fill in the following fields:

    • Class Name:
    • Label: StartApp
    • Parameter: leave empty for automatic mode, or use one of the following options:

    NOTE: we highly recommend leaving this field empty to use the automatic mode which selects the best ad to load.

  6. Click "Continue"


Congratulation - that's it! You may now run your app and see StartApp ads in action.


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    Daniel Rayos

    How can Later know when a Banner is loaded?
    Full screens has event to know when is load but banner i don't find aything about as.
    Thansk :D