Advanced Usage - Using Interstitial delegates

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Set your view controller as a delegate so it is able to receive callbacks from the interstitial ad.

  1. Add the STADelegateProtocol to the header file

    @interface YourViewController : UIViewController <STADelegateProtocol>
       STAStartAppAd* startAppAd;    
  2. Use "withDelegate:self" when calling the loadAd function: [startAppAd loadAd:STAAdType_Automatic withDelegate:self]

  3. Implement the following functions:

    - (void) didLoadAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad;
    - (void) failedLoadAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad withError:(NSError *)error;
    - (void) didShowAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad;
    - (void) failedShowAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad withError:(NSError *)error;
    - (void) didCloseAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad;
    - (void) didClickAd:(STAAbstractAd*)ad;


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