Step 4 - Integrating StartApp In-App SDK

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Integrate the StartApp SDK by implementing steps 1-3 from the integration manual. You can ignore all the following steps unless you want to use StartApp Ads directly instead of via AdMob mediation network.

In step 3 of the integration, call [sdk disableReturnAd] after initializing your appID and devID:

sdk.devID = @"your account id";
sdk.appID = @"your app Id";

[sdk disableReturnAd];  // Add this line to disable return ads

This extra line will disable StartApp "Return Ads" feature as it's not an integral part of AdMob mediation. You can still enjoy this attractive ad unit directly by omitting this line. In this case Return Ads will be activated and display StartApp direct ads, outside of the AdMob Mediation network.

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