Step 5 - Adding a Custom Event

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  1. Login into your MoPub account
  2. Navigate to "Networks" tab and click "Add a Network"
  3. Under "Additional Networks" click "Custom Native Network"
  4. Under "Setup Custom Native Network", fill in "StartApp" in the "Title" field
  5. Under "Set Up Your Inventory", select the Ad Units where you want to show StartApp ads, and fill in the appropriate class name under the "CUSTOM EVENT CLASS" box:
    Interstitial:  STAMoPubCustomEventInterstitial
    Banner:  STAMoPubCustomEventBanner

  6. Click "Save and Continue"

  7. Click the "StartApp" network and make sure the "Run" button is active

Congratulation - that's it! You may now run your app and see StartApp ads in action.

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