Enjoy Higher eCPM with Demographic-Targeted Ads

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If you know your user's gender, age or location, StartApp can use it to serve better-targeted ads which can increase your eCPM and revenue significantly.

Set Age and Gender

Upon initialization, after providing your DevId and AppId, add the age and gender:

startAppBridge->STAInit("your app Id", "your developer id", "user age", "user gender");
  • Replace "user age" with the user's real age
  • Replace "user gender" with the user's real gender, using STAGender_Male orSTAGender_Female.

Example - for a 22 years male use:

// AppDelegate.cpp

#include "StartAppPlugin.h"
bool AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching() 
    startappiOS* startAppBridge = startappiOS().sharedInstance();
    startAppBridge->STAInit("1234", "5678", 22, startappiOS::STAGender_Male);
    return true;

(replace "1234" and "5678" with your REAL developer Id and App Id)

Set Location

The location of the user is a dynamic property which is changed constantly. Hence, you should provide it every time you load a new Ad, uasing the STAAdPreferences object:

startappiOS::STAAdPreferences *pref = new startappiOS::STAAdPreferences();
pref->userLocation.longitude = 32.44444;
pref->userLocation.latitude = 30.2222;

startAppBridge->loadAd(pref, STACallbacks);
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