Advanced Usage - Controlling the size of your banner

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The size of the banner is determined by the second parameter which can receive one of the following values

ValueSizeBest fits for
STA_AutoAdSize Auto-size (recommended) detects the width of the device's screen in its current orientation, and provides the optimal banner for this size
STA_PortraitAdSize_320x50 320x50 iPhone/iPod touch in portrait mode
STA_LandscapeAdSize_480x50 480x50 iPhone/iPod touch in landscape mode
STA_PortraitAdSize_768x90 768x90 iPad in portrait mode
STA_LandscapeAdSize_1024x90 1024x90 iPad in landscape mode

For example:


You can load a new size for an existing banner, by using the setSTABannerSize method:

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