Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking means that your tracking platform (either your own or a 3rd party) will send every conversion you receive back to us, so you'll be able to view the number of conversions in your StartApp portal.

What is a postback?

A postback is a URL that sends conversions generated from your campaigns back to our platform.

Set up

Step 1: Implement our global postback URL

Our postback URL looks like this:{partner_click_id_macro}

{partner_click_id_macro} represents the placeholder you use on your tracking URLs to receive our click ID.
This placeholder should be permanent and identical on each campaign's tracking URL.


If you use a placeholder called aff_sub to get our click ID, your postback should look like this:{aff_sub}

This postback is global and should send us the data for all the campaigns you upload to the platform.  

Step 2: Implement our click ID in your tracking URLs

In order for us to receive your conversions, you need to add our click ID macro to each tracking link you use. The macro for click ID is: startapp_click_id_placeholder

Make sure to add this macro into the same placeholder used on the global postback you implemented.

Example (continued):

Each URL will need to include &aff_sub=startapp_click_id_placeholder

For your information:

StartApp is already integrated with Tune, Appsflyer, Volumm, Adjust, Kochava, and others.

This means that if you work with one of these companies as your tracking provider, you can simply choose "StartApp" as a traffic source on their platform, and our click_ID_placeholder will be automatically implemented into the URLs you generate on our platform.



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