Getting Started

The portal offers you five main components on the upper left side:


Scroll between the different components to view various data and carry out different tasks.


Once you log in, you will land on the Dashboard page.

The dashboard tab shows you general data of your account in terms of balance, funds and campaign activity. You can view events you have undertaken, and events that occurred while you were away, on the timeline found on the right side.

Either add funds or a new campaign by clicking on the relevant button located at the upper right side of the page:


View your entire campaign list sorted by status. 

First, you will see Denied status campaigns if there are any. You can easily know which campaigns need to be edited and resent for approval.

Then, you will see all Active campaigns, and lastly, Paused status campaigns.

Optimization Center

In this tab, you have the option to optimize and monitor your campaigns. Learn more.


In this section, you can create and view reports in order to understand your campaign's performance and optimize accordingly.


In the Funds section, you can select between adding more funds, viewing your deposit history, or setting up and updating your billing information. 

Deposit can be made in the portal via PayPal, the minimum deposit amount is $50.

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