Setup the targeting of your campaign

How to navigate within the targeting section:

The targeting section consists of five different tabs.  Each tab contains different targeting options for you to choose:

A tab will be marked in red if you leave one of its mandatory sections open.

We would recommend you to work on the targeting by choosing the relevant options, on each tab, from left to right.

Geo targeting:

Start by selecting the country that is relevant to your campaign. These are the options found within this targeting tab:

Device Targeting: 

Choose the relevant connection type / OS version / device targeting options for your campaign on this tab.

Note that you can choose to target specific devices and manufacturers:

Search and mark the device manufacturer you would like to target:

Then select the devices for the manufacturer you have selected:

You may either choose to select all the manufacturer's devices: 


Or choose to target selected device models by the manufacturer you marked:


Apply the relevant optimization onto your campaign within this tab.

Remove or select specific applications or publishers, and choose to include them or exclude them in your campaign.

1. Choose the optimization you would like to apply:

2. Select to apply either a black list or a white list. You may apply this to either App IDs or Publisher IDs:

For last, insert your App ID / Publisher ID list into the box.

You can also target specific publisher app categories:

Select the publisher app categories you would like your campaign to run on. For example:


For better and more accurate optimization, we recommend applying our macros onto your tracking URL. Read more about it in this article + hyperlink

Once applying macros you could later easily create relevant reports. Read more about reports in this article + hyperlink


Pinpoint and target the audiences most relevant to your campaign on the "Audience" tab.

You may also target a specific gender:

Note that this type of targeting may narrow your campaign's traffic potential.

Read more abclicking hereout one of our most unique features - App Presence Smart Targeting by clicking here.

Ad types:

Run your campaign on either all ad types, or on specific ones, by selecting the relevant option within this tab:


Read more about targeting by ad type by clicking here.

The next step is to set your budget and bid in step 4. Click here to read more about it.

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