App Presence Smart Targeting

Enabling App Presence - Smart Targeting, will allow you to target Android campaigns on a user level basis.  

You are able to target your ads to appear only on devices that have specific apps installed.  

This can be used to reach a more specific target audience and increase your bottom line.  For example, if you are promoting a casino app, you can choose to target your campaign only to users who have the top grossing casino apps already installed.

To enable this feature, go the audience tab found in the campaign targeting section, within step 3:


Check the box to enable the feature:

A window will appear where you can insert the apps of your choice by their package name:


Where to find the package name of an app

You can find the app package name by looking at the URL link of the Google Play page of the app you would like to add.

The package name is what comes after the "=" sign.

That is, the package name of the StartApp Showcase app shown above is:  "com.startapp.showcase"

Insert only one package name per row.  In order to prevent a severe drop in potential traffic, we recommend using this feature with at least 5 applications. 

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