Campaign statuses

A campaign could have one of the following statuses: 


The campaign is properly running



There are several reasons for a campaign to be stopped. Once a campaign shows as stopped, you may hover over the stopped status and see the full reason.

Your campaign can be stopped for several reasons:

1. Daily Budget has been reached

Your campaign has reached its daily budget. You can always add additional daily budget to your campaign.

NOTE: If your campaign reached its daily budget, it will start running again with its new daily budget at 00:00 GMT.

2. Total Budget has been reached

Your campaign has reached its total budget. You can always add additional total budget to your campaign.

3. No Account Balance 

Your account ran out of funds. This causes all your campaigns to temporarily pause. The campaigns will renew their run once you add additional funds. Read here about how to add funds here

4. End Date has been reached

The end date you requested has arrived and your campaign will be paused unless you change the end date.

5. Pending Start Date

Your campaign is waiting for the start date you have set. It will automatically start on the date requested

6. No active creatives

A campaign will not run until there is at least one active creative. If the campaign's creatives are paused or pending approval the campaign will be stopped until they are activated / approved.



You have manually paused the campaign. It is currently not running. However, you may reactivate it at any time




You have begun creating your campaign, however it was not sent for approval, or you abandoned a campaign you were working on after you have inserted the destination URL


Pending Approval

Your campaign is waiting for approval of our compliance team



Your campaign has been denied by our compliance team. Please see admin campaign approval process article +hyperlink




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