Saving a custom report

If you created a custom report that you'd like to use in the future, you have the option to save it.  You may refer to a report you have created and use it anytime. You can also apply further changes to it. 

Creating a report:

1. Create the report - choose either account / campaign / creative level.

2. Choose the time frame you wish to view the data for.

3. Select the table columns.

Saving a report:

On the right side you will find the following options:

Once clicking on "Save As" this window will appear:

Insert a name for the report and click "Save" to save your report.

Finding your Saved reports

You can find any saved reports in the custom reports section under the reports tab.

You will land here:

Open the load and select the report you would like to view:

or click on:

 You will be able to view all your saved reports:

Select a report you would like to view and open it to view its data. 

You can now also apply changes to the report and save them for future use.

Difference between choosing "Save As" to "Save":

If you wish to apply changes to an existing report and keep it simply load the report, add the changes and click on "Save".

NOTE: clicking on "Save As" while working on an existing report will create a new report, with a different name, and the changes you wish to apply will be saved on the new report, and not on the old report.

If you want to update an old report, apply the changes and click on "Save".

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