Options for Viewing My Campaigns

Efficiently using your my campaigns gallery view:

You may select between two types of views within for your “My Campaigns" tab: Gallery View or List View.
We recommend you use the gallery view for a more detailed and efficient experience viewing data and switching between campaigns.
Of course, finding relevant stats and taking actions is optional from both views.

Gallery View

You can see that the gallery view is divided into separate boxes, where each box represents a different campaign.

1. At the top of each box you can find the campaign ID, targeted OS and campaign name:

2. The campaign status is located on the upper right side of each box. For example:

3. Find the icon of the app you chose to promote on the right side. For example, for the StartApp showcase:

This icon will show and symbolize a mobile content campaign: 

At the bottom of each box, you can find the quick action toolbar:


List View:

List view is the traditional view that you are used to seeing.  It lists all of your campaigns in a list that includes all the relevant campaign data.






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