Uploading Creative

Step 5 in the campaign creation process is to add creatives.

You may choose to upload and publish any creative you wish. Our campaign compliance team will review the creative, and either approve or deny it once published.

Step 1

Select the creative type you would like to upload:


Click here to learn about our creative types

Step 2

Insert a creative name and tracking URL:


Step 3

Based on the creative type you chose, upload the icon or image for your creative:


You may add as many creatives as you would like. We recommend testing all creative types.

Once uploading a creative you may replace it at any time. Simply click on "Replace Creative":


You can then upload any other creative and publish it.


Publishing new creatives requires our campaign compliance team's approval. You will receive an approval/denial email notification for any creative you upload, the same as you receive once publishing a new campaign.

In conclusion, you can always find the relevant creative sizes for the creative type you choose at the bottom of the section.

You are also welcome to read more about our Ad Placements here.

We also recommend downloading our StartApp Showcase to view different examples of ad styles.

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