How to create a new campaign

Step 1: Click on "New Campaign"


You can find this button either in "My Campaigns" on the upper right corner of the screen or on your dashboard: 


Step 2: Create Campaign

Selecting campaign type:

With StartApp, you can promote apps or mobile content campaigns.

Choose the type of campaign you want to promote and insert the destination URL.

Once a URL is inserted, a campaign has been created. NOTE: A URL is not editable once it has been added.  It cannot be changed in the future.

After adding your campaign's URL, you can choose to upload a screenshot of your campaign's landing page:

Uploading a screenshot of your campaign's landing page can help our approval team review and approve your campaign faster if your landing page is limited to specific carrier or specific store.

Uploading a campaign:

For example, for the StartApp Showcase app on Google, we will insert this URL (from Google):

and then click on:

Now all that is left is to fulfill steps 1-5. You could see that a section is marked in red once you left empty a mandatory option within it.

You can choose to complete the different steps in any order.

On the bottom right side you will find these buttons:

Easily choose to publish the campaign you have just created and submit it for our campaign approval team's review, by clicking on "Publish", or click to save the draft you have created, and review it later at your convenience.

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