Advanced Usage- Interstitial Ads

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Implement interstitial ads with objects for gaining more control over your ads, like using callbacks or using multiple ads with different properties.

To initialize an interstitial ad object, create a member variable in your activity as follows:

private StartAppAd startAppAd = new StartAppAd(this);

You can now use this object to perform the following operations:

Showing Exit Ads

To show an ad upon exiting your application when pressing the 'Back' button, override theonBackPressed() method and add the method startAppAd.onBackPressed() BEFORE the methodsuper.onBackPressed():

public void onBackPressed() {

Showing Interstitials

Call showAd() in the appropriate place(s) in the activity where you would like to show the Ad:

startAppAd.showAd(); // show the ad

The following is an example of showing an Interstitial Ad between Activities:

public void btnOpenActivity (View view){
    Intent nextActivity = new Intent(this, NextActivity.class);
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