How to Get Your Payment

So your app is integrated with our SDK and has earned some revenue. But, how do you get this revenue into your pockets?

There are 3 major steps after you have added your payment information which are important for you to know.

Step 1 –Earn at least $50– why? A minimum of $50 required to send payments because of the costs associated with transferring funds.

If you didn’t reach the $50 threshold, your earnings will be automatically combined with your following month's earnings and will be paid to you once you reach the threshold.

Step 2 – Wait 30 days – Payments are sent on NET 30 basis, meaning the payment will be sent to you 30 days after the month has ended. For example, if you earned $100 in May, the payment will be sent to you 30 days after May ended, meaning on July 1st.

Step 3 - Get Paid – StartApp submits the payments to the bank on the first of the month. It can take anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks to process.  Remember, banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so payments sent on or near this date may have longer processing times. Processing times can also change depending on your location. In addition, every payment method could take a different amount of time to be processed.

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  • Avatar
    alaaeldeen abujayyab

    hi ! Why so far I have not received my money

  • Avatar
    Omar faruk

    I have got a notification that I will get my payment in 3rd October but till now I have no payment , why ?

  • Avatar

    i have more than 50$ but still now I have no payment , why ?

  • Avatar
    David Makkihen

    Hello Sir , I have more than 50$ collection and wait in 40 days up but now i have no payment receive. Why ?

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    anhtu le

    same question, i have more than 50$ collection, i have to wait 30-40 days, why u dont send information to user email account. Th

  • Avatar
    Nazir Ahmad

    its been 2 month and yet i have not received payment,

  • Avatar
    nguyen bi

    i have 605$ from March untill now, allready 3 month no one pay for me ???

  • Avatar
    Mourad Bougassa

    pfff im wait more 2 month without pay for me

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    Christopher Allton


  • Avatar
    walid hsini

    its been 2 month and yet i have not received payment

  • Avatar
    usman raza

    i have 120 impressions 46 clicks but still 0.00 in revenue why ??
    when revenue will be updated after how many impressions ??

  • Avatar
    Pravin Prajapati

    i reach 50 up but not get mail for payment ???why??