Cryptocurrency Payments


These Cryptocurrency Payments Terms (“Cryptocurrency Terms”) are an integral part of the Publisher T&C incorporated therein by reference. These Cryptocurrency Terms shall apply to you if shall be agreed between the parties the Company shall provide you payments by Cryptocurrency, as detailed herein. Definitions herein shall have the meaning assign to then in the Publisher T&C.

The Company reserves the right to modify, correct, amend, these Cryptocurrency Terms, as well as cease Cryptocurrency payments method, at any time. We will notify you regarding substantial changes of the Cryptocurrency Terms on the homepage or we will make best efforts to send you an email regarding such material changes to the email address that you provided in the registration form. All changes to these Cryptocurrency Terms are effective as of the stated “Last Updated” date, and you will be bound by the revised terms, unless providing the Company with a written notice stating you wish to cease receiving Cryptocurrency payments.

Subject to the terms herein, you can set up your Account to receive payments in Cryptocurrency (i.e., Ethereum tokens). 

Which digital wallet can you use?

You can use only an ERC-20 wallet (“Wallet”) based that can receive Ethereum or other ERC-20 coins (“Cryptocurrency”). The Publisher’s use of the Wallet is solely between the Publisher and the applicable third-party Wallet provider and operator (“Wallet Provider”), and subject to its terms of use, which we encourage you to review carefully. The company has no control over and is not responsible for the Wallet Provider, its terms, actions, or any errors or disruptions that may occur and it 

Fees for payment in cryptocurrency

There are fees associated with the Cryptocurrency payment method:


1.49% conversion fee plus 0.000441 ETH network fee (network fees may vary).

Important: Ethereum volatility risk

Cryptocurrency exchange rate is NOT guaranteed. The Company will pay based on the exchange rate while performing the transaction without the ability of the Publisher to know, confirm, evaluate or approve it.


Publisher’s earnings are $1,000. The Company will pay the Publisher X number of Ethereum based on the exchange rate during the transaction processing schedule, which cannot be confirmed, changed or known by the Publisher. You agree that the Company’s evaluation regarding the exchange rate, and accordingly the total sum of Cryptocurrency paid to you, shall be final and non-disputable, any you will not have any claim or demand from the Company in this regard.

Following the Cryptocurrency payment transaction, the company shall provide the Publisher with the Cryptocurrency’ payment’s details by email (“Payment Notice”). The Company shall make efforts to provide the Payment Notice at the beginning of the applicable month.   


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