Optimization Center

StartApp's Optimization center is the best way to manage campaign optimization, It allows you to optimize your campaigns by setting a micro bid to different sources of the same campaign.

When setting your campaigns as CPC/CPM you can use our optimization center in order to set individual rates for different sources, This helps you achieve smarter budget allocation according to each source's performance.


How to start

1. Access the Optimization Center: 

By clicking on the Optimize icon on the right side menu ( If you press CTRL + click on the icon, it will open in a new tab).


  Or by clicking on Optimization Center in the portal left menu 

2. Select a campaign:



3. Set the date range:


4. Select dimension:


Choose to group by one of the following dimensions :

Publisher - Publisher IDs that sent traffic to your campaign.

Application - App IDs that sent traffic to your campaign.

Country - Countries where  your campaign traffic comes from.

Carrier -Traffic distribution between different carriers .

Connection -  Traffic distribution between Wifi and non WiFi .

Device type - Traffic distribution between mobile and tablet .

Creative - Traffic distribution between various creative IDs of the campaign.

Ad type - Traffic distribution between different ad types i.e Banner, Full page , Native etc.

 What you can do in the optimization center: 

  • Get an overview of the campaign’s performance such as Impressions, Clicks, Spend, CPA,CR and CTR including a graph in the top section:
  • mceclip0.png

  • Increase/decrease the bids for each source .
  • Pause/activate specific source - By clicking on the green/red circle on the left side:


  • View the CPA goal (as set in the campaign) and compare to actual CPA, (Learn more about CPA Goal).
  • The CPA color is determined by the difference between the CPA and CPA goal. It can be customized by clicking on the Customize range option:


  • Use the column view for customized report view:
  • mceclip5.png

Use case:

Below is an example campaign, The initial bid set for this campaign was $0.029:


When you should increase the bid:

  • Sources have a high amount of conversions.
  • Sources show high CR%.
  • CPA goal is higher than actual CPA.

When you should decrease the bid:

  • Sources have low or no conversions.
  • Sources show low CR%.
  • Actual CPA is higher than CPA Goal.





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