Optimization Center

StartApp optimization center allows you to optimize your campaigns, get the traffic you want in the cost you want, with just ac lick of a button.

When setting your campaigns as CPC/CPM you can use our optimization center in order to set individual rates to different sources, helping with a smarter budget allocation according to the sources performance 


How to start

  1. Access by clicking on Optimization Center in the portal left menu 


  2. Select your campaign and dimension, pick a campaign and choose the dimension you’d like to analyze. Click ‘’Apply’’.

For example, let’s choose the ‘’Application’’ dimension 



What can I do in the optimization center: 

  • Increase/Decrease the bids for each source (For CPM/CPC campaigns)
  • Pause / activate specific source
  • View the CPA goal (as set in the campaign.)
  • Get an overview of the campaign’s performance including Impressions, Clicks, spend, CPA and more.
  • The report can be customized to present the columns you want.
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