Can I spread the campaign budget throughout the day?

There are 2 options to control your campaign spend during the day:

Day parting

You may run a campaign during specific time frames (days and hours of the week).

Click to enable day parting options. Your screen will look like this:


You may add several time frames to a campaign, for different days and times, or for the same day with different times. To add more days and/or times, click on this button:


Then, add another time frame:



Spreading the cap

Another option to spread the campaign budget throughout the day is by spreading the budget cap. In the campaign budget edit section, you can find the following option:


By choosing this option, the daily budget will be spread as evenly as possible during the first 16 (+/-) hours of the day and thereby prevent unwanted cases of finishing the daily budget in the first hour or two of the day.

This option is only available for CPC/CPM campaigns.

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